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Resolving Google™ Chrome Freezing Issue

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Get to know more about why Google Chrome installed on your system is freezing

Google Chrome is a web browsing application from Google. This browser has become very popular with all kinds of users because of its simplicity and usability. Google Chrome is very light on system resources and can be installed on all kinds of computers. Some of the features in Google Chrome include Incognito mode, theme, add-on support, password manger, tabbed browsing, crash recovery, etc. There are no complicated procedures involved in installing or using Google Chrome web browser but some users might face some problems when the browser is in use. Some of the common problems that come up with the use of Google Chrome include browser crashing, browser freeze, browser working very slow, error messages coming up, etc. Google Chrome installed on your system might be freezing because of many reasons such as malware infections within the system or browser, problems caused by some incompatible add-ons, issues with some of the system files or registry entries associated with Google Chrome browser, etc. Google Chrome freeze issue can cause users to lose data which was being sent or received when the problem came up and it is advised that the problem be solved quickly before the application gets corrupted.

Following details gives users more information regarding tips to fix and avoid Google Chrome freezing issue:
  • Antivirus Programs
  • Clean Registry
  • Disable Add-ons

Antivirus Programs

Google Chrome installed on your system might be freezing because of malware in the system. Malware cause such problems by infecting system files associated with web browsing application and damaging them. Google Chrome freeze issue caused by malware can be solved by removing malware from the system using a good antivirus program. Having an antivirus program with real time protection installed on the system would help prevent such issues from coming up again.

Clean Registry

Registry contains all information regarding the working of Windows-based computers. Registry even contains information about applications installed on the system such as Google Chrome. If the registry entries of Google Chrome are clashing with some obsolete registry entries, then the application might freeze. Clearing out the obsolete registry entries with a registry cleaning software would help resolve such problems. Cleaning and maintaining the registry on a periodic basis would help prevent such problems.

Disable Add-ons

Add-ons are extra components that are added to a software. Google Chrome installed on your system can be installed with many add-ons and if some of the add-ons installed on Google Chrome are incompatible, then Google Chrome might freeze. Such problems can be solved by disabling the add-ons on the browser. Checking the compatibility of the add-ons before installation of the browser can help avoid such issues.


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