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Fix Google Chrome that is Not Responding

Chrome not responding
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How annoying would it be for you to be working on Google Chrome only to realize that it has stopped responding? Irrespective of whether you are just surfing the web, collecting important information for an urgent task, in the midst of an online gaming session, or watching a video; a non-responding web browser can certainly be a huge put-off.

The Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available at a global level, however, instances of users getting the message “Google Chrome is not responding”, often disturb users. So, if you too have faced this issue and do not know how to resolve it, then this article will be handy for you. Read on to know the causes and the easy fixes to get rid of the Google Chrome is not responding issue.

Common causes that lead to Google Chrome performance issues

There are several issues at the user’s end that leads to performance issues in Google Chrome. You may face this issue if you have

  • Too many tabs opened in the browser
  • Installed several plug-ins or browser extensions
  • Set up bars that are of no help but take up memory space
  • An attractive theme or skin set up that may be big on memory consumption
  • Presence of malware/ virus
  • Common resolves to fix the Google Chrome not responding issue

Restart your PC to check if the browser is now working fine.

  •   Close down the tabs that you no longer require or open up only a few important tabs so that memory consumption is less.
  •   Disable the extensions that are of no use.
  •   Remove unnecessary set-up bars.
  •   Disable themes and skins.

ü  Install antivirus program and scan your PC for possible malware or threats


How to make Google Chrome perform optimally

To keep your Google Chrome browser functioning like it is just installed; reset the browser settings to its default settings. To do it:

  •   Select ‘Options’ from ‘Tools’
  •   Click ‘Under the Hood’
  •   Select ‘Reset to defaults’
  •   Click ‘Close’ to let the changes take effect

If the issue doesn’t get resolved even after following the above steps, you can uninstall and re-install the Google Chrome browser and restart your PC for the changes to apply.

If you want to cut-down on the steps and get an effective resolution in a faster manner, dial our toll free number and let an iYogi tech expert help you. Our technicians are well trained to troubleshoot browser issues and can help you to fix the ‘Google Chrome not responding issue’ in no time. For the best results, call us now!


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