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Role of Google™ Chrome Themes

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What is the role of Google Chrome themes? What issues can occur while using these themes and what are the tips to fix them?

Google Chrome is the fastest and easy-to-use web browser available to the users from Google. The Google Chrome browser offers a wide range of features and tools to the users. Among the various tools available with the browser, one is Google Chrome themes. The user can customize the web browser with the help of Google Chrome themes from various artists around the world. Google also provides themes for the Google Chrome users. The themes provided by the Google are classic theme, baseball, brushed, candy, desktop, glossy blue, color chips, dots, grass, and marble themes etc. The users can apply the various themes by just clicking on the particular theme in the gallery. The Google Chrome website provides the user with a wide range of themes that can add beauty to the browser. The themes can also be applied from the Google Chrome browser window itself. For this, the user can click on the wrench icon on the toolbar or by clicking on the ‘Google Chrome‘ at the top menu bar option. You can then select the options from the list and click on the ‘Personal stuff’ tab. Now click on the ‘Get themes’ under the themes section and navigate through the gallery of themes. Click on ‘Apply theme’ option to get the theme from the gallery. Click on the ‘Save’ option to confirm the download and the user can also undo the changes.

Following points describe the role of Google Chrome themes, issues related to them, and tips to resolve those issues:
  • Role of Google Chrome themes
  • Issues while using themes
  • Tips to solve the issues

Role of Google Chrome themes

Themes are applications that add beauty to the overall look. The browser themes are those that customize the browser view. The role of the themes is to add a nature to the behavior of the software or the device. The Google Chrome themes are categorized into two: themes by artists and themes by Google. The Google themes include the classic theme that is provided to the Google Chrome browser. The user can select from the wide list of artists themes.

Issues while using themes

The common issue while using the Google Chrome browser is reverting the browser to the old theme. Another issue is the problem wherein the user is unable to install a theme. Even after completing the download process, the browser still may appear to be with the previous theme. Sometimes the themes may not be changed from the browser and the user may experience some difficulty in applying the theme. The browser incompatibilities can also cause issues with the themes on the browser.

Tips to solve the issues

The user should either apply a new theme from the Google Chrome browser option or from the Google Chrome website. Else, wrong themes may enter the system through third-party software and cause issues. After downloading and applying the theme, the user should restart the system. Frequent changes on the themes are also not promoted. Keep the browser safe from the various virus attacks and seek the help of the Google Chrome security solutions while browsing on the Google Chrome.


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