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Enable Google™ Chrome Cookies

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What are Google Chrome cookies? Discuss some tips to enable and adjust settings of Google Chrome and techniques to fix issues with it.

Google Chrome contains a special setting called cookies. These are files created by websites the user visited. Cookies stores browsing information of the system like profile information and site preferences etc. Mainly, there are two types of cookies in Google chrome i.e first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are set by the site domain listed in the address bar. Third-party cookies differ as they come from other domain sources which contain items like images or ads included in the page. These are useful in storing a small amount of website data in the system. Thus, a particular website is made more interactive to users as certain information can be remembered.

Following are some tips to enable and adjust settings of Google Chrome cookies and techniques to fix issues with it:

  • Adjust or enable cookies
  • Prevent privacy issues
  • Prevent login Issues

Adjust or enable cookies

It is possible to make some adjustments in Google Chrome cookies. This can be done by following some simple steps. At first, open up Google Chrome and select the ‘Wrench’ icon displayed in the Toolbar. You can then select ‘Options’ menu and a new window will be opened. In the window, select ‘Under the hood’ tab. Select ‘Content Settings’ displayed under the Privacy option and then click ‘Cookies’ tab. You can then allow cookies by selecting ‘Allow all cookies’ option. Changes can be made in the cookies settings by selecting any option from the same drop-down menu.

Prevent privacy issues

One issue that can come while enabling cookies in Google Chrome includes the privacy issues. You can see differenet websites sharing your cookies. Thus, your personal data are being stolen by others. Others can also see the track of websites visited by you. It is possible to make some changes in Google Chrome privacy settings options to fix the issues.

Prevent login issues

Another issue that can occur in Google Chrome as a result of enabling cookies is the login Issues. Just try deleting cookies to fix the issues. In Google Chrome, you need to just press Shift, Control and Delete keys together to get all cookies removed. If you are using a MAC system, then you need to select ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and then click ‘Delete Cookies’ options to fix issues.


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