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Find hidden details about Google™ Chrome browser

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Open the secret lock in your Google Chrome browser with a simple command

Are you excited enough to know a command through which you can access the hidden details of your Google Chrome browser? And if you are in the IT (information technology) department of some company or run your own company, then this command will certainly help you to optimize the resources of your PC even further.

The developers at Google Chrome have developed a small command that can reveal the hidden secrets about your browsing habits. This command can be used either on your Chromebook or Google Chrome browser.

After typing this command, you get a list of URLs that enables you to see your browser settings, memory usage, bookmarks in use, history of your browsing sessions, etc. You also get access to browser crash report, histograms, tasks, tracing record, all modules loaded into the main process and modules registered to load at a later point.

So, if you want to get deep into the geeky details of your Google Chrome browser, then it’s your right to know the command, which is:



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