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Details and information about Google™ Chrome AdBlock Add-on

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Features of AdBlock Add-on in Google Chrome. What are its features and uses?

Google Chrome is a free web browser that takes just minutes to install. The technology that is used in this browser is so advanced that it can offer you an excellent browsing experience while using the network. Google Chrome is equipped with a feature that can combine a minimum design with high-end technology to allow quicker, secure, and easier web browsing. Google Chrome has the ability to load webpages quickly. Using Google Chrome, you can search the web directly from the address bar. It has a number of security features built into it already, but there are a number of additional extensions that you can get for it if you require a more securer browser or additional features.

Following are the features and uses of Ad blocker Add-on on Google Chrome:
  • Prevent annoying advertisements
  • Offer security
  • Tips to install Ad blocker Add-on on Google Chrome

Prevent annoying advertisements

Sometimes you get tired of seeing advertisements when you are browsing the web. You may get disturbed by annoying advertisements while you are working. For this issue, AdBlock in Google Chrome is a perfect solution. AdBlock can prevent ads and decrease both clutter and load time while you surf.

Offer security

AdBlock can also be considered a good security extension. Apart from blocking pop-up advertisements from displaying, it can also block corrupt software that gets automatically downloading on to your computer. Now you can prevent your computer from malware attacks and other security threats.

Tips to install Ad blocker Add-on on Google Chrome

First of all open Google Chrome then go to ‘https://chrome.google. com/extensions/detail/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?hl=en’ and choose ‘Install AdBlock’. Then click ‘Allow on the banner which opens up at the top of your webpage. Then choose ‘Install Now’ from the window that automatically opens. Then close Google Chrome and reopen it. Now almost all the advertisements are now blocked by Google Chrome. This process is time saving and simple for you.


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