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Details and features of AdBlock extension on Google™ Chrome

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What are the features of AdBlock extension on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the latest and fastest web browsers that deliver high-speed web surfing with excellent features. It has a user-friendly interface that can make it very attractive for you. The advanced features included in Google Chrome are fast searching, Task Manager for websites, browser history, and quick launch bar. This web browser incorporates machine translation on the browser itself. Google Chrome also allows a lot of customization. You can customize the browser with themes. Google Chrome is an efficient and popular web browser with several features. It quickly loads webpages and helps to run complex web applications fast. It is a safe and more secure web browser. These advantages cause webpages to load slowly.

Features of AdBlock and ways to install the AdBlock, a Google Chrome extension:
  • About AdBlock extension
  • Features of AdBlock extension
  • Tips to install AdBlock extension

About AdBlock extension

AdBlock in Google Chrome is an extension which allows blocking ads and providing a fast web browsing experience. There are several pop-up advertisements that are generated while surfing through websites. With the help of this extension you can block all ads from the system. AdBlock extension helps in fast loading of webpages. It is a free Google Chrome extension and it is easy to install and use.

Features of AdBlock extension

AdBlock extension comes with several advanced features. It is one of the most enhanced extensions available for Google Chrome. AdBlock extension uses Blacklisting Wizard interface in order to effectively block advertisements on websites. AdBlock is configurable and it is a simple Add-on that removes all advertisements such as banners, pop-ups, images etc. By removing these ads from webpages, AdBlock improves system performance and provides fast web surfing.

Tips to install AdBlock extension

In order to install AdBlock extension software, first of all you need to download the software for Google Chrome. For that you need go to Google Chrome AdBlock extensions webpage, and choose the ‘Install’ option. Then it can allow you to install AdBlock and in order to view the list of extensions that are installed on Google Chrome, you just need to right-click the top browser bar next to the address bar.


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