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Google™ Chrome AdBlock Settings

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Different options in Google Chrome Adblock settings

The popular add-on of Firefox, the AdBlock feature, has been added to the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery too. It is a useful and protective feature used for blocking all advertisements on the web pages that you open. Not only this, it also updates your web browser automatically with additions to its filter. In order to turn it on, you will have to open your Google Chrome, go to the Tools, click on ‘Extensions’ and click on ‘AdBlock’ options. You will also be able to add filters for different languages from the options menu. To know more about what else you can do with this feature, read on to know about Google Chrome AdBlock settings.

Following points will tell you about the different options in Google Chrome AdBlock settings menu:
  • Choose which language ads you want to block
  • Adding an ad to the filters
  • Allowing ads to be popped up on some pages

Choose which language ads you want to block

By going to your Google Chrome AdBlock settings menu, you will be able to select which languages of ads you want to block. Chrome AdBlock custom filters and EasyList are already checked by default, but if you visit web pages of other languages too, then you can check those boxes too and the ads on those pages will also be blocked. You should click only the languages that you really use because clicking on each language may slow down your computer’s speed. Some of the languages that are included in the menu include German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Adding an ad to the filters

Sometimes, there may be ads that the filter may have missed. In order to add that ad on your filters list, you will need to press ‘Ctrl+Shift+K’ together, click on the ‘Add’ that you want to add and slide the slider until it is blocked. After that, click on the ‘Looks Good’ button.

Allowing ads to be popped up on some pages

If you want that Google Chrome AdBlock should not work on certain web pages, then go to that web page and press ‘Ctrl+Shift+L’ together. After that, this web page will be kept away from the functioning of the AdBlock extension and ads will be allowed to pop-up when you visit it.


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