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AdBlock Extensions in Google™ Chrome

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What is Google Chrome AdBlock Extensions?

Chrome is a web browser that is developed by Google. This web browser is compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and it is popular among all web users. Google Chrome is providing a secure, fast, simple and stable browsing experience. It is using a WebKit layout engine and application framework. It has the features of tabbed browsing, the merging of address bar, search bar, etc. AdBlock is a content filtering mechanism with Chrome browser. This AdBlock helps to prevent the unwanted advertisements and other security threats. This AdBlock extension for Google Chrome is similar to AdBlock plus extension of Mozilla Firefox. This helps in preventing the page element such as the online ads from being downloaded and displayed.

Following are the ways to find and install Google Chrome AdBlock Extensions:
  • Features of AdBlock Extension
  • Use of AdBlock
  • Find and Install

Features of AdBlock Extension

AdBlock Extension for Google Chrome allows you to recover the control of Internet and web view. This add-on protects your computer from the malware attack and also helps to protect your data and privacy. This add-on supports several filtering mechanisms, that are automatically configured for the purpose of removing the online advertisements and blocking all known malware domains.

Use of AdBlock

Adblock allows you to modify your filters with the help of its features. AdBlock is not only used for just blocking advertisements, it can block content from any website or any list of websites, malwares and other suspicious files. This add-on is helpful for the White listing process. This AdBlock is also used for hiding the advertisements on per site basis instead of a global blocking. This helps in maintaining the memory leakage of the browser.

Find and install

Google chrome extensions such as AdBlock extensions are easily downloadable from the official website and other reputed websites. Chrome extensions are listed with the extension of .crx. These extensions is free and are easy to install. You could download it into a safe location and then run the software to get it installed. After the installation, restart the browser for better use.


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