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Restore Deleted History in Google™ Chrome

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What is the need for restoring deleted browsing history in Google Chrome? Discuss tips to do so.

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that delivers fast browsing. It has been added with many features to enhance the experience of the users while they browse the Internet. One of the most important as well as interesting features of Google Chrome is the browsing history. The browser store details of all recently visited websites in its memory. It might be possible that you’ve delete the browsing history completely and now you want to restore it. You may need to restore the browsing history to enhance the browsing experience. As the browsing history gets restored, you can get access to different websites easily. As you type URLs, the website is accessed from the History tab itself. You can also visit the browsing details after it has been restored.

Following are some tips to restore deleted browsing history in Google Chrome:
  • Use System Restore
  • Use Index.dat Analyzer
  • Tips

Use System Restore

You can use System Restore option to restore deleted browsing history in Google Chrome. To do this, you need to open the System Restore window from Start menu of the system. Select the restore point to which you need to restore the system. The point must be the date on which the browsing history has been removed. You need to click ‘Next’ button and ‘Finish’ button. This way, the browsing history gets restored.

Use Index.dat Analyzer

You can use the Index.dat Analyzer to restore Google Chrome deleted browsing history. To do this, you need to download the application from websites and install it in the system. Then, run the application and select ‘Search’ button. You need to then attempt to swap different index.dat files to search for needed websites. Filter can be used for making the search fast. You need to just select the item you want to restore and click ‘All items’ to get complete history restored. Finally, get the File option and select ‘Save Selected Items’ option.


There are some tips to bear in mind while restoring deleted browsing history in Google Chrome. Google Chrome back up is to be installed in the browser. It is needed to restore the deleted history whenever you need it. Google Chrome back up allows users to create, restore, and back up all Google Chrome information. You can get the tool installed from Google Chrome website itself.


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