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Google™ Chrome Icon Missing from Desktop

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What are the ways to fix the issue related to Google Chrome icon missing from desktop?

Google Chrome is one of recently launched fastest web browser. When compared to other web browsers, Google Chrome has got a lot of useful and handy features with which it would offer you a gleaming and outstanding performance. This open source web browser has been developed by Webkit Foundation. With the help of its auto complete feature, it suggest you the words before you complete your typing. You are able to visit all the web pages at a time in one single Window with the help of its tabbed browsing. For preventing all kind of malware attacks from affecting your system it makes use of a weapon named Sandboxing. For searching and showing you the top visited pages, it has got a feature named Omibox. Google Chrome has got a user friendly Interface which makes it more attractive.

Following are the ways to fix the issue related to Google Chrome icon missing from desktop:
  • Upgrade issue
  • incorrect set-up
  • Way to fix

Upgrade issue

Sometimes, after you upgrade the Google Chrome in your system, you might see the icon of Google Chrome missing from your desktop. These issues occur because of the deletion of the Google Chrome icon before the upgrade. You can easily resolve this issue. Click on ‘Start’ menu, go to ‘Control Panel’ and double click on ‘Internet’ options. Then, click on ‘Advanced’ tab. Then from the check box choose the option ‘Show Google Chrome on desktop’ and click ‘OK’.

Incorrect set-up

You should ensure whether the Google Chrome is installed correctly and set-up as the default browser before access it. If the Google Chrome is not set as default browser, then the Google Chrome icon would disappear from the desktop of your system. Navigate to ‘Default programs’ in the ‘Start’ menu, to confirm whether browser is set as default. From the default programs, choose the program you need to access and set as default.

Way to fix

In order to resolve Google Chrome icon missing issue from desktop, you would have to create a shortcut to Google Chrome on your desktop. Look for the ‘Google Chrome’ in the ‘Start’ menu. Then, right click on it and drag the ‘Google Chrome’ icon to your desktop. After that click on ‘Create Shortcut Here’ or ‘Copy here’ option. You can also make use of Microsoft Fix It tool to fix this issue.


    bobby moore

    I will like to have my Google Chrome Icon back please.

      Sajeesh Sahadevan

      I will like to have my Google Chrome Icon back please.
      You can create a shortcut for Google Chrome if you need an icon for it on the desktop.
      • Click ‘Start’ and go to ‘All Programs> Google Chrome’.
      • Right click ‘Google Chrome’ and select ‘Send to> Desktop (Create Shortcut)’.

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