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Google™ Chrome JavaScript Not Working

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What is JavaScript? Discuss reasons for JavaScript not working in Google Chrome and tips to fix the issue.

JavaScript is a scripting language which is used to script modern browsers. It is used in place of the HTML language. It is being used in modern web browsers like Google Chrome. Google Chrome allows the JavaScript to turn it on and off. As you enable JavaScript in Google Chrome, you can enjoy all interactivity and features which the JavaScript-enabled can provide. The JavaScript provides an intelligent and immediate interaction in Google Chrome. It also presumes visual effects and animation in the browser. If the JavaScript is not enabled, then some websites may not display properly. The JavaScript is enabled in your Google Chrome by default. You can also activate the JavaScript manually. To do this, you need to take some steps. It is also possible to ensure the proper running of JavaScript in Google Chrome by running a simple test after activating JavaScript.

Following are reasons for JavaScript not working in Google Chrome and some steps for fixing the issue:
  • Reasons
  • Re-launch browser
  • Check the Allow all sites to run JavaScript


One of the reasons for JavaScript being disabled in Google Chrome is the presence of bugs in Google Chrome. It is mainly disabled for security reasons. As the JavaScript is enabled in the Google Chrome pop-ups can easily get in the system. Also, websites have no limitation in opening in the system.

Re-launch browser

JavaScript may get disabled in Google Chrome due to some manual interference. The initial step in fixing JavaScript disabled issues in Google Chrome is to re-launch the browser. You can attempt this if all Google Chrome windows have been opened. As you re-launch the browser, the JavaScript will get re-enabled.

Check ‘Allow all sites to run JavaScript’ option

Another step to fix the issue of JavaScript being disabled in Google Chrome is to check the ‘Allow all sites to run JavaScript’ option. To do this, you need to open Google Chrome and select the ‘Tool’ icon located at the top right corner of the browser. Click on the ‘Under the Hood’ tab and get the ‘Options’ menu. You need to then get ‘Content Settings’ window. In the ‘Features’ section of the window, click ‘JavaScript’. It will open up the JavaScript Settings window. Put a checkmark in the checkbox near to the ‘Allow all sites to run JavaScript’. This will re-enable the JavaScript in Google Chrome.


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