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Reasons why Google Chrome™ does not load webpages

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What prevents Google Chrome from loading webpages?

Web browsers are application programs installed on computers to help a user to browse the Internet. Various web browsers are available that have different features. Browsers also differ in the speed of browsing they offer to users. Google Chrome is one of the web browsers that offer high speed browsing. The browser was created by Google, and adds some advanced browsing features to the program. Google Chrome is used by many users due to its easy to use interface and high loading speeds. But the browser is sometimes unable to load webpages. The causes of this issue maybe browser issues or system malfunctions. The issue thus prevents users from loading a web page and provides a bad browsing experience. The issue should be solved rapidly if the cause is due to any harmful malfunctions on the system.

Below are some points related to Google Chrome not loading webpages:
  • Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Ways to fix the issue


Symptoms associated with Google Chrome web browser while loading pages are the displaying error messages, the loading process keeps continuing and white blank screen. Being unable to load webpages on Google Chrome is identified through messages like ‘Cannot load the current page, try again’, ‘browser cannot load the page, check the connection’, etc. The appearance of a blank screen with only the ‘New’ tab option also indicates the issue.


The primary reason for the issue with Google Chrome will be a damaged browser. Virus attacks on the system also prevent web pages from loading. The over populated browser cache sometimes causes loading problems. Connection problems like improper installation of router devices, loose connections, issues with Internet Service Provider also cause loading issues.

Ways to fix the issue

Before fixing the issue, the user should first confirm whether the problem is due to the browser or computer. For that, try to load the web page using another web browser. If the browser is working well, then the user can solve the issue by removing or fixing Google Chrome. The cache should be cleared and browser set to default settings. Try browsing, and if the problem still exists, remove the browser. If the problem lies with the system, then perform system scans to remove malware. Check the Internet connections as well.


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