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Unable To Open Google™ Chrome

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What are the causes of Google Chrome not working? Discuss tips to fix the problems.

Google Chrome is a fast and reliable web browser designed by Google. It is possible that you might face some issues with Google Chrome browser. One of the issues is the browser not opening at all in the system. If you have only Google Chrome installed as the web browser in the system, then this becomes a real big issue. You may not be capable to load any websites with the issue. There may be a number of reasons behind the issue. If you know the exact reason for the issue, then you can solve it easily. For this, you need to follow some simple steps.

Following are some reasons and tips to fix issues with Google Chrome not working:
  • Reasons
  • Re-install browser
  • Check registry
  • Update browser


There may be a number of reasons for Google Chrome not working in the system. The most possible issues can be the browser disabled by some infections. The issue can occur as a result of some changes in the system registry. If the browser has been expired, it will lose its important features. It may also result in browser not opening issue.

Reinstall browser

Google Chrome might have been disabled by some infection. These infections can come as a result of visiting some infected websites. If the issue crops up, you need to uninstall the browser first. This can be done with the help of ‘Add or Remove Programs’ option in the Control Panel. You need to reinstall the browser in the system. The browser will then start to work properly.

Check registry

The system registry contains information of all data and application stored in the system. Any corruption in system registry may affect the functioning of the system. It might be possible that the enabled value of Google Chrome has been set to 0 in the system registry. It will not allow the browser to be opened. You can access the system registry and change the value to 1 to fix the issue.

Update browser

After long time of use, different functions and features of Google Chrome may not work properly due to expired browser. You can try updating the browser to fix the issue. This can be done by just visiting Google Chrome website and selecting the ‘Update’ button.


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