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Google™ Chrome Skins

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What are Google Chrome Skins and what are the ways to install latest one?

The Google Chrome is a very advanced and one of the best web browsers. Firstly, this browser is released as beta version for the Microsoft Windows. By using this browser, you would be able to browse without any difficulty. Tabbed browsing is also featured in this browser. Thus, you could open so many websites in the same window. You need to download the original genuine version from the Google Chrome website itself. In order to install Google Chrome, the system needs to meet some requirements. You would check the version and also the requirements for that.

Below given points would discuss about the Google Chrome skins, tips to install and fix issues with them:
  • Google Chrome skins
  • Ways to install
  • Tips to fix the issues

Google Chrome skins

If you want to change the default appearance of Google Chrome, you need to install skins. This would enhance the appearance of this browser. Skins are the graphical modifications. You would get skins in different color and design. More and more latest skins are being developed frequently. These skins are small files which you would be downloaded, easily. You could then import them to the Google Chrome browser very easily. Some of the Google Chrome are Blue RKDV, Google Chrome i-Phone Skin, Porsche, annasui etc.

Ways to install

There are different websites available to download these Google Chrome skins. You need to check whether they are the genuine websites. Some types of malicious websites would also deliver such kind of applications. If you install such skins, they would harm the operation of Google Chrome. After finding the correct websites for downloading skins, you need to click the download link and that zip file get downloaded. You would then try to unzip that file and open. In that, you would look for default.dll and copy that. Then go to C:Documents andSettingsUSERNAMELocalSettingsAppDataGoogleChromeApplication.2.149.27Themes. You would copy extracted default.dll to themes folder. You need to back up the previously present Default.DLL also. When you replace that, that skin gets installed.

Tips to fix the issues

There might be some issues while using the skins for Google Chrome. If you have downloaded the latest skin for Google Chrome and try to install in the old Google Chrome in the system, you would get errors. The skin would not work. If so, you would check the compatibility. If you are copying the DLL file of new skin to wrong folder in the system, it would also cause issues. Sometimes if you have downloaded the non-genuine skins for Google Chrome, the browser would not work. These added skins would harm the normal operation of Google Chrome. It would be better to download the skins from the Google Chrome website.

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