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Google™ Chrome Toolbar Add-ons

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Get to know more about toolbar add-ons in Google Chrome

The add-ons are extensions of browser software. Google Chrome browsers are capable of introducing add-ons to their software. Previously, the Google Chrome web browser did not provide the option to add extensions to the browser. So, people discarded the browser in spite of it being one of the fastest ones. But now Google Chrome also provides options to install various add-ons on the browser. The only requirement is that the browser used should be Chrome while installing the add-ons. The toolbar add-ons are the most significant add-ons to the browser. The user can download the toolbar add-ons for Google Chrome web browsers from Google Extension Gallery. The installation of the add-ons does not include any difficulty since the download process will automatically install the add-on on the browser. Some third party websites also provide option to install the toolbar add-ons on the browser.

Discussed below are some points related with the Google Chrome Toolbar add-ons:
  • Various Toolbar Add-ons for Google Chrome
  • Features of Add-ons
  • Benefits of Add-ons

Various Toolbar Add-ons for Google Chrome

Various toolbar add-ons that can be included in Google Chrome web browsers are AdBlock, Google Translate, Chromed Bird, YouTube Feed, Speed Tracer, etc. The toolbar addons will help the user to access various functionalities easily. Search tools are also included as the toolbar add-on in the browser. The toolbar addons will be seen at the top of the browser window on the horizontal toolbar.

Features of Add-ons

The toolbar add-ons on Google Chrome web browsers are featured with one click access functionality. Until the introduction of the add-ons on Google Chrome web browsers, users always chose other applications to browse the Internet. The users always seek the easiest way to access the web. The toolbar add-ons provides such an opportunity to users. The add-ons present in the toolbar bring more user interface to the people.

Benefits of Add-ons

The toolbar add-ons can be viewed by the people since the add-ons are present in the toolbar itself. The add-ons also reduce user interaction over the browser due to the one click access. Thus the user can save time while browsing the Internet using Google Chrome web browser. Also the add-ons in toolbar provides the option to navigate to specific tools easily.


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