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Customize Google™ Chrome Toolbar

Customize Google Chrome Toolbar
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Google Chrome toolbar is not built with much features and scope to customize it according to users’ preferences. However, you can customize the Google Chrome toolbar by using some Google Chrome extensions. You can customize the toolbar by adding desired Google Chrome extensions to enhance Internet with Google Chrome.

Here is a roundup of Google Chrome extensions to incorporate features missing on Google Chrome toolbar.

Big G Drop Down Sorter Extension

The Big G Drop Down Sorter Chrome extension is designed to allow users change the order of items, add and remove options from Google Chrome toolbar. This Google Chrome extension makes the toolbar convenient that you can drag and drop an item and alter placement in the toolbar. Not only this, you can place some buttons from ‘Even More’ to the ‘Main’ section. This extension works for all Google.com sub-domains including Google Reader, Google Plus, Google.com Search, but not with Google sub-domains with other extensions e.g. Google.co.in

Screen Capture

Plaster this Screen Capture Google Chrome extension on the toolbar to make capturing screenshots a breeze! This extension will allow you to select the real estate of the screen you want to capture as screen shots. Hence, you will find a drop-down menu with options such as ‘The entore page’, ‘The visible part of page’ and ‘The selected part of page’. After taking the screenshot, you can highlight some area or add text to a highlighted object. You can save the screenshot as .jpeg or .png file that you can share via Facebook.

Google Dictionary Extension 

Do you need readily available tool on the toolbar to seek vocabulary suggestions? If you do, then customize Google Chrome toolbar with this Google Dictionary Chrome extension. After you install this extension, all you have to do is double-click on a word to find the word definition and a corresponding link to find further details on that word.

There are some more Google Chrome extensions worth considering to customize Google Chrome toolbar such as Chrome to Phone (to share links with your mobile device), Evernote Web Clipper (the official Google Chrome extension of EVERNOTE), Awesome Screenshot (another top-rated screenshot extension), and Click&Clean (to control Internet browsing history, privacy settings, view and access videos and many more) among others.

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