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Google Chrome: Manage Autofill entries in Windows 7

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Imagine that you had to access several websites in a day and for each entry you had to furnish the same details – name, surname, e-mail id, phone number, address etc. Would it not become so monotonous and boring? Just to get rid of the monotony and to speed up your tasks, Google Chrome allows you to take the help of the Autofill feature. This feature saves all your information such as the ones mentioned above and completes your form filling up tasks in a jiffy. You can easily manage the Autofill entries in the Google Chrome web browser depending upon your preference and allow it to serve you better.

If you are using a Windows 7-based PC, this is what you can do:

  1. Open ‘Google Chrome’.
  2. Click on the ‘Chrome’ menu and then click ‘Settings’.
  3. Scroll down and then click ‘Show advanced settings’.
  4. Scroll down again and in the ‘Passwords and Forms’ section, click ‘Manage Autofill Settings’.
  5. In the dialog that appears, you can create as many profiles as you’d like.
  6. To save a new address entry, click ‘Add New Street Address’.
  7. Enter the required fields in the ‘Add an Address’ dialog box and then click ‘OK’.
  8. To save a new credit card entry, click ‘Add New Credit Card’.
  9. Enter the credit card details and then click ‘OK’.
  10. Click ‘OK’ again to close the ‘Autofill Settings’ dialog box.


Isn’t this simple? Now you can manage the entries easily and add more information and make it much more relevant and useful to you.

If you want to enjoy a quick recap of the above mentioned steps, here is a short solution video that you can check out. Also, you can enjoy the video to better comprehend the steps mentioned above. To watch it now, click on the video window below:


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