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How to change Pop-up Blocker Settings in Google™ Chrome Web browser?

Pop-up Blocker
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How to fix issues that may come up while changing Pop-up Blocker Settings in Google Chrome Web browser?

Pop-up blockers in Google Chrome are used to disable the pop-ups. Google Chrome prevents pop-ups from automatically appearing and cluttering your screen. These blockers are effective for preventing unnecessary advertisements and windows that might reduce the performance of the system. But, some genuine websites use pop-up windows to present forms or important information. The users can customize the pop-up blocker settings in the system according to their needs. The main role of pop-up blocker is to prevent the pop-ups coming from various websites. Some types of pop-up blocker close the pop-up window before they start to display advertisements. Other types of pop-up blockers can alter the source HTML itself. According to options available from the settings, pop-up blockers scan each and every windows appear on the screen and if anything found suspicious, then those windows are blocked. You can enable or disable Pop-up blocker according to your needs.

Steps to customize pop-up blocker in Google Chrome and tips to fix issues that may arise while doing so:
  • To enable turn off option
  • To disable turn off option
  • Tips to fix issues

To enable turn off option

To enable the turn off option in Google Chrome pop-up blocker, you need to open the ‘Wrench’ button on the right side of the browser. From the list that opens, you need to select ‘Option’ and click on ‘Privacy’ tab. If you want to enable the turn off option, you have to check the ‘Turn off pop up blocker’ option in the bottom of the window. Thus, the pop-ups are prevented from the system.

To disable turn off option

To disable turn off option in pop-up blocker, you have to follow the same procedure as that in the enable stage. In this case, you need to open the ‘Privacy’ tab from the ‘option’ menu. You need to uncheck the ‘Turn off pop-up blocker’ option at the bottom of the window.

Tips to fix issues

While turning off the pop-up blocker, you may take a long time to complete all those procedure. It is because of the low virtual memory space in the system. You need to upgrade the memory capacity to make the pop-up blocking faster. You can upgrade the memory capacity through memory up-gradation.


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