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Disable Firefox® Pop-up Blocker

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What is the need to disable Firefox pop-up blocker?

While accessing some websites, a screen window sometimes appears on the top of the web browser window. These are known as pop-ups. The pop-ups appear in the top of the browser. Compared to the pop-up ads, a pop-up is more obtrusive as it covers other windows, particularly the window that the user is trying to read. Pop-up ads are used widely in advertising on the web, though advertising is not the only application for these windows. There are three primary types of pop-ups; those that appear when clicking something on a particular web page, those that appear at random, and those that appear without any user intervention, the most aggravating variation. The tool which is used to block the pop-ups in the system is known as pop-up blocker. Some times the Firefox pop-up blocker may create various issues in the system and thus you will be forced to remove them from the system.

You could find more details about disabling the pop-up blocker in Firefox:
  • Need to block
  • Tips to block
  • Points to keep in mind

Need to block

During web surfing, you may need to open various websites or may need to open them or save contents from them. If pop-up blockers are present in Firefox web browser, all these processes may be prevented and thus you could not open them. Therefore you need to disable them during the web surfing sessions. Presence of pop-up blockers may slow down the web surfing process. It’s also better to remove the pop-up blockers from the system to view the contents of some websites clearly.

Tips to block

To block the pop-up blocker in Firefox, you need to open the ‘Options’ in the ‘Tools’ menu of Firefox. To disable all pop-up blockers, you have to uncheck the ‘Block pop-up Windows’ box. If you need to allow pop-ups from any particular website only, then its better to select the ‘Exceptions’ option. After all these, you need to click ‘Ok’.

Points to keep in mind

While disabling the pop-up blocker, you have to remember certain important things. Since disabling of pop-up blocker is actually reducing the security of the system, you have to install any of the proper antivirus software into the system. it’s better to disable the pop-up blocker only after completing proper scanning process in the system.

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