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Features of Mozilla® Firefox Add-on AdBlock and its features

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What are the features of Mozilla Firefox Add-on AdBlock?

Mozilla Firefox is a commonly used and popular web browser which offers a fast web browsing experience. There are many advanced search options present and that will enhance your browser experience. The minimum system requirements for installing Mozilla Firefox are a compatible processor with 233MHz, RAM memory of 64MB, and hard disk space of 50MB. Mozilla Firefox has fast loading times and advanced customization options. It has a user-friendly environment and provides secure web browsing. It includes tabbed browsing, spell checking, and incremental find. It also features live bookmarking, a download manager, and has enhanced private browsing.

Details of Mozilla Firefox Add-on AdBlock and its features:

  • Firefox Add-ons
  • AdBlock Plus for Mozilla Firefox
  • Features and use of Adblock Plus

Firefox Add-ons

Add-ons are extensions to add additional functions to Mozilla Firefox. It enhances its features and these features help to improve the performance of this web browser. Add-ons are also known as plug-ins. There are excellent Mozilla Firefox Add-ons, which includes AdBlock Plus, FlashGot, Tab Mix Plus and Torrent Search. With the help of these Add-ons you can minimize problems while using this web browser.

AdBlock Plus for Mozilla Firefox

Adblock Plus is a popular Add-on that has advanced features. It helps to block online advertisements while surfing websites, and loads webpages very fast. There are several pop-up advertisements and banners generated while surfing websites. These ads interrupt your online activity and slow down system performance. With the help of AdBlock Plus Add-on, theses ads can be blocked.

Features and use of Adblock Plus

There are several advantages with Adblock Plus Add-on. The main function of AdBlock Plus is to stop pop-up advertisements on webpages. It also has several features which include ‘Context’ option for images, a Block tab for Flash and Java objects, hence Mozilla Firefox can load more webpages by blocking annoying banner ads on website.

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