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Install Autocomplete add-on for Mozilla® Firefox

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What are the important features of Autocomplete add-ons for Mozilla Firefox? What are the ways to install the add-ons and how can any errors that may surface can be resolved?

Add-ons are the additional features that provide extra functionality to the large software programs. The browser add-ons are small software programs that are equipped with the options to enable the browser with more tools than the one that is present with it as default. The Mozilla Firefox web browser provides a number of add-ons that enhances the effectiveness of the browser. The Autocomplete add-ons provided by the Mozilla Firefox web browser manufacturers enhance the browsing capability of the user. The tool helps the user in auto completing the addresses while typing on the address bar along with the option to auto complete the search bar options also. The addons that provides these functionalities are Searchbar Autocomplete Order (version number) and the Autocomplete manager. The add-ons are equipped with specific features to provide the Autocomplete functionality to the user.

Discussed below are some points related to Mozilla Firefox Autocomplete add-ons:

  • Features of the add-on
  • Ways to install the add-on
  • Tips to fix the issues that arises

Features of the addon

The features offered by the Autocomplete manager add-on includes matching against the bookmark addresses, bookmark names, page titles, etc, completing the better matching inline, matching option everywhere in the address rather than at the beginning, changing the sorting criteria of the web page addresses displayed etc. The features offered by the search bar Autocomplete add-on includes changing the display order by option, fixing the search auto complete random order bug, changing the display order of the search bar history drop down list etc.

Ways to install the addon

The addons can be installed on the browser by navigating to the Mozilla Firefox website. In the web page, under the extensions or addons option, find the Autocomplete addons available. Then click on the addon that is compatible with the Operating System of the user and also with the version of the Firefox browser. Then click on the download option. A notification appears along with the warning that the software installation may be an infection on the browser. Click on the install now button. Thus the addon will be installed on the system.

Tips to fix the issues that arises

The add-ons also cause issues with the browser software. In such cases remove the add-ons from the tools menu. The add-on installation should be base on the compatibility with the OS and the browser software. The system requirements section provided at the download page should be read carefully. The installed addon can be removed if any issues occurs. Avoid installing add-ons from third party providers.

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