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Enable Auto-complete in Mozilla® Firefox

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Get to know more about the importance of Auto-complete in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an advanced web browser designed by Mozilla. Firefox comes with the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine which is responsible for its high performance. Firefox keeps memory under control with its new memory management feature. The XPCOM cycle collector integrated with Firefox continuously cleans up all the unused memory in Firefox cache and it avoids the chance of memory leaks. Firefox Add-ons are another feature in Mozilla Firefox. You can find more advanced add-ons directly and easily from the web with the help of add on manager included in this web browser. Auto-complete is another important feature in this web browser. It helps to save all details regarding web browsing.

The following explains features and tips to enable auto-complete feature in Mozilla Firefox:
  • Importance of Auto-complete in Firefox
  • Ways to Auto-fill Forms
  • Tips to Enable Auto-complete

Importance of Auto-complete in Firefox

Auto complete is one of the most important features in Firefox. This remembers whatever you type in the address bar. If the user just needs only one website, then he just needs to adjust the settings in the Auto complete feature. This helps the user to complete forms with the help of suggestions provided. There is no need to complete a full search keyword to open a form.

Tips to Enable Auto-complete

To enable auto-complete option in Firefox, first you need to open Firefox web browser. Go to ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Options’ followed by ‘Privacy’. You need to select ‘Remember History’ option followed by ‘Firefox will’. This will enable auto-complete feature in Firefox.

Ways to Auto-fill Forms

Auto-fill is a feature used to auto fill forms if you provide the first few letters. While you type the first few letters, you can see the drop down menu listing all the entries related to that entered word which are stored inside a particular field. You just need to select the suitable keyword from the list and press ‘Enter’. The text of the entry will appear in the form field.


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