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Tips to enable Autocomplete feature in Mozilla® Firefox

Tips to Enable Auto complete Feature in Mozilla Firefox
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Wouldn’t we love to see a list of predictive inputs on location bars after typing four to five letters so that we don’t have to remember them? That’s why Mozilla Firefox has introduced this feature called auto complete or auto fill which shows URLs matching the name of the site you are typing. With auto complete feature, you do not require to search for a webpage or a website in browser history or bookmarks or searching on Google. Mozilla Firefox browser enables provides several functionalities with Auto complete Manager extension. This extension works wonder in easing the Internet browsing experience with a pop-up menu of matching URLs. Auto complete feature retrieves links and titles of websites from users’ browser history or bookmark entries. Thus, users will be able to search for an URL, title of the website, a keyword or key phrase using auto complete feature, without having to spend time in scouring those over search engines.

And there are various ways in which you can control auto fill or auto complete feature in Firefox . You can enable, disable or select sources to show matching auto complete options.

Enable auto complete feature in Mozilla Firefox

Are you tired of scrolling up and down the drop-down menu of URLs suggested by your browser? Then, inline completion is your answer. Mozilla Firefox offers inline completion auto complete option which shows highlighted text entries after text you have typed in on the location bar. As you type on the location bar of Firefox browser, you will see texts closely matching the text you typed. To enable this option, you need to:

  1. Write ‘about:config’ on the Location Bar
  2. The page of inline completion will open
  3. Now, right-click on the webpage
  4. Write browser.urlbar.autoFill on the page
  5. Set the value of the browser.urlbar.autoFill to true.

Disable auto complete feature in Mozilla Firefox browser

To disable inline completion auto complete feature in this browser, follow these steps shown above to enable auto complete feature till step 4. Finally, you have to set the value to ‘False’ of browser.urlbar.autoFill.

Manage auto complete options

You can control and change URL options by applying filters. Both History and bookmarked options are default choices of sources Mozilla Firefox uses to show URL entries. However, you restrict results either to History or Bookmarks or ‘Nothing’ to show no auto complete results.

Do you find this information useful to enable, disable and manage auto complete feature in Mozilla Firefox? Share your opinion below.

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