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Resolve the issue when Mozilla® Firefox freezes in Windows® 7

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Is your Mozilla Firefox freezes while running in Windows 7? How can you resolve this problem?

Windows 7 is the latest Operating System by Microsoft. Web browser is a software application for browsing the web or the Internet. Firefox is browser software. The program helps in the retrieval, traversal and presenting information available on the Internet. This may be a webpage, image, video, or any other piece of content. With the hyperlinks, you can easily use your browser to navigate to the related resources. The browsers are primarily intended to access the World Wide Web, they can also be used to access the information provided by Web servers in private networks or files in file systems. Some browsers can also be used to save information resources to file systems. Firefox 3.6 Beta version is the compatible Firefox version for Windows 7 Operating System.

Following are the causes and tips to fix freezing issues in your Mozilla Firefox web browser:
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Tips to fix


Problem of add-ons is the major reason for freezing Mozilla Firefox web browser. Virus is also a reason for freezing. You need to check whether your system contains viruses, if your Mozilla Firefox web browser freezes while running. You can get plenty of third party tools to remove the viruses from your PC. Slow Internet connection also makes freezes in your Mozilla Firefox.


Sometimes you may see that your Mozilla Firefox web browser is not responding to your commands. If your Mozilla Firefox web browser continues to freeze up when you use it, you need to troubleshoot the problem to prevent the problem from recurring. Sometimes you may face freezing issue due to the hyper-threading feature. This is a feature designed to improve performance on Intel Pentium 4 processors, but it can also cause your Mozilla Firefox to freeze.

Tips to fix

You need to disable the add-ons installed in your browser to resolve the issues with your add-ons. Your Mozilla Firefox may freeze when you attempt to download or save images in your computer, this is caused due to the conflicts from the older files. You can easily fix this issue by clearing download history. You also need to ensure the speed of the Internet connection. It is better to use a reliable high speed internet connection. If you are still experiencing the freezing issue, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Mozilla Firefox browser.

    srija ghoshal

    Thanks for your tips. I am facing the same problem for several times.But I had done all those you said. I think it’s not a permanent solution, for the time being it saves us but after some time am also getting fridge sitting front of my laptop.:)
    Kindly tell us about the problem, might be we can fix it for ever. Please explain the problem to get exact answer.

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