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Mozilla® Firefox going in Offline mode

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Why does Firefox goes in offline mode and how can this issue be resolved?

When you start your browser, you see that the web page has problem in starting. As you go and check further, you see that Firefox is in offline mode. Sometimes, you get the menu bar and the address bar with nothing but a white screen. This is the very, as you cannot start browsing once you open a webpage. There are some technical reasons for Firefox to go in offline mode. And, there are many ways to switch it to online mode.

The points given below provides you more information about offline mode of Firefox.
  • Reasons
  • How to fix the issue
  • Tips to remember


There are few reasons for Firefox to go offline. First is the mismatched network manger. The network manager in the system should support the Firefox. If there is some technical problem in the network manager, then it results in Firefox going offline. There might be some contradiction between the network manager and Firefox. Either, the network manager is setup in a false state or the default setting is changed. Secondly, in some of the cases, Firefox goes offline due to installation problems. As you download and install Firefox, for some technical reasons, Firefox stays disconnected with the Network Manager. This results in Firefox in offline mode.

How to fix the issue

Going offline is one of the serious problems and it needs to be checked. As the problem is with the network manager, you have to check the settings in the it. First way is that you have to go to the ‘about.config’ in Firefox. After you click ‘OK’ after reading instructions that you will not misuse the configuration, check the network manager. If it is setup in false mode, then that is the problem. Change that to ‘true’, and restart your computer. Most likely you will not have a problem after fixing this. But, still if your Firefox is in offline mode, then you have to make a complete check of the network manager. Go to system’s sub menu, and locate network manager, select ‘Control by network manager’ option and click on the box to check it, if it is unchecked. If it is checked then click on uncheck. This depends on the network manager which you use.

Tips to remember

Firefox by default checks the network manager, to see if the connection has been made. If you are using another tool for the network, then possibly Firefox takes it as the connection not been set. Re-installing Firefox is also one of the safe options, but make sure that you have a backup before going on to the process. If you are not that expert in operating and managing Firefox problems, it is better to have a professional to do the work for you. Network manager is one of the sensitive parts of the system and manually operating and checking it need some experience.

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