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Mozilla® Firefox not loading

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Is the Firefox not getting loaded in your computer?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsing applications available. This application is very popular among all kinds of users because of its advanced features and user friendly options. Some of the features in Mozilla Firefox include parental control, password manger, tabbed browsing, crash recovery, personas, antivirus integration, add-ons etc. There are no complicated procedures involved in using Mozilla Firefox web browser and even users with very little computer know-how would be able to use the application. Nonetheless, there are some problems that might come up with the use of Mozilla Firefox. One such problems is web page not loading issue. The web page not loading issue on Mozilla Firefox is can be solved very easily. The Mozilla Firefox installed on your system might not be able to load web page because of reasons such as problems with the network connation, firewall preventing browser from connecting and loading web pages, malware infections within the system etc.

Please read further to know some ways by which you can fix this issue.

  • Check network connections
  • Verify firewall settings
  • Scan for malwares

Check network connections

The Mozilla Firefox installed on your system needs network connectivity to work. A problem with the network connection on the system means that Mozilla Firefox application would not be able to load web pages on the system. All users having Mozilla Firefox not loading web page issue are advised to check the network connections on the system and make sure the connections are working. The Mozilla Firefox might not be loading because of errors within the DNS server in use and in such cases, changing the default DNS server in use to a more reliable one such as Google DNS would solve the problem.

Verify firewall settings

Windows based operating systems have a security feature known as Windows firewall. The firewall filters out the malicious content coming into the system and keeps the system safe from malwares. However, if the firewall on system installed with Mozilla Firefox is not configured well the firewall might block the connection and prevent Mozilla Firefox from loading webpages. Users having Mozilla Firefox not loading web page issue are suggested to verify the firewall settings and if the firewall is blocking the connection, creating and exception of Mozilla Firefox application would solve the problem.

Scan for malwares

Malware infections within the system can also cause web page not loading issue on Mozilla Firefox. Some malwares such as Confickers modify the Internet settings on the application so that users would not be able to load any web page and obtain malware removal assistance from the Internet. Users having Mozilla Firefox not loading web page issue must therefore scan the system with a good antivirus program and then remove all malwares to solve the issue and to get Mozilla Firefox working properly.

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