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How To Open PDF File from Mozilla® Firefox Web browser?

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Possible reasons for failing to open PDF files from Mozilla Firefox web browser and tips to resolve them

PDF files refer to files which contain PDF images. Most websites include PDF images and files. To get more information and news from websites, you may need to open and read these PDF images in the browser. You can easily open up Mozilla Firefox browser using some simple techniques. If you are using a Mac system with PowerPC processor, then you can use the Schubertit PDF Browser Plug-in to view PDF. If you are using Mac with an Intel processor, then you can use the Mozilla Firefox PDF Plug-in extension for viewing PDF. But, there are some situations in which you might be unable to open PDF files in browser. There may be a number of reasons behind this issue. The most possible reason includes QuickTime plug-in not set to handle the PDF. Improper Adobe Reader may also cause the issue. It may also be as a result of improper installation of plug-in.

Tips to fix Mozilla Firefox not opening PDF files issue:
  • Check Mozilla Firefox settings
  • Re-install the plugin
  • Re-install Adobe Reader

Check Mozilla Firefox settings

You need to check the settings of the Mozilla Firefox browser to fix the PDF file not opening issue. To do this, you need to open the Menu bar of the browser and go to ‘Preferences‘. You need to then select the ‘Application Panel‘. You can then select the ‘Adobe Acrobat Document‘ from the displayed list. Finally, you need to select the ‘Action‘ column for the Adobe Acrobat Document entry. You can then select the ‘Use Adobe Acrobat‘ option. This can fix the issue.

Re-install the plugin

You can try re-installing the plug-in of the Mozilla Firefox browser to fix the PDF not opening issue. To do this, you need to close the browser first. Then, you need to get the installation folder of Adobe reader and open the Browser sub-folder in this folder. You need to then copy the nppdf32.dll file to the Mozilla Firefox plug-ins folder. You can then open up the browser and get the Adobe Acrobat entry from Mozilla Firefox plug-ins list. If you found the entry, you need to try to view a PDF. You can ensure the problem is fixed, if the PDF opens in the browser at this point.

Re-install Adobe Reader

The final step in fixing the PDF not opening in Mozilla Firefox issue is to reinstall Adobe Reader. You need to uninstall Adobe Reader and re-install it to get the issue fixed. It is important to uninstall all versions of Adobe Reader that you may have in your system. Also, take care of installing the latest Adobe Reader for the browser.


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