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Fix Issue of Mozilla® Firefox not Responding to Clicks

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Having issues with Mozilla Firefox web browser? Just read on and find how to solve them.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular open source web browsers in the world and packs in some amazing features that help the users to browse faster in a more secure fashion. The Mozilla Firefox browser has been developed by Mozilla which is an open source community of users and developers and supports a number of features that are not present in other leading browsers in the market. Mozilla Firefox browser provides good support for a number of third party Plugin and add-ons which allows the user to do more with the browser. The issues with Mozilla Firefox browser happens due to variety of reasons and most of them are related with underlying system issues. The not responding issue with Mozilla Firefox can range from a minor glitch to valid system issues like registry errors or application entry corruptions. Glitches in the application, add-ons or extension issues and errors, and critical system registry errors etc are some of the major reasons that give rise to the errors with Mozilla Firefox browser.

Discussed below are some points that will help the users to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding issue:
  • Force end and restart program
  • Remove incompatible add-ons
  • Repair system registry

Force end and restart program

The issues with Mozilla Firefox browser might be due to minor errors or glitches in the application. The users who are having not responding issues with Mozilla Firefox browsers are advised to open the system Task Manager program and force end the application for restarting it. Restarting the program and starting a new session will help fix issues with it under minimal complications.

Remove incompatible add-ons

The different third party add-ons installed in Mozilla Firefox browser in the interest of maximizing functionality can act differently and cause issues with the working of the program. The users are therefore advised to verify and disable or remove incompatible add-ons and extensions from the browser and restart it for the changes to take effect. This will help solve valid issues with Mozilla Firefox browser.

Repair system registry

The registry errors and threat infections in a computer can also cause the not responding issues with Mozilla Firefox browser. The users in these cases are advised to carry out a complete system threat and registry scan so as to detect and fix valid issues. Doing so and restarting the system can help solve issues with the browser.


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