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Discuss various Mozilla® Firefox proxy Add-ons

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What are the features of various Mozilla Firefox proxy Add-ons?

Browsing the Internet is always a little risky. But there are tools that can make it a little safe for you. Using a Internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, you can install Plug-ins and Add-ons on your system. Plug-ins and Add-ons are not only able to enhance the efficiency your browsing, but also help securing your private information from getting into the wrong person’s hands. Examples for various Mozilla Firefox proxy Add-ons are FoxyProxy, QuickProxy, SwitchProxy Tool, gladder, BlockStop Proxy, Proxy Toolbar, PhProxy, Environment Proxy, httProxy, ProxySel, MM3-ProxySwitch, Anonymization Toolbar, BrowseAtWork, FoxTor, Torbutton, etc. All of these Mozilla Firefox proxy Add-ons have specific features and purposes.

Given below the features and use of various Mozilla Firefox proxy Add-ons:
  • FoxyProxy
  • QuickProxy
  • PhZilla
  • SwitchProxy


FoxyProxy is a highly developed proxy management tool. It is able to fully replace the limited proxy capabilities of Mozilla Firefox. FoxyProxy is a Mozilla Firefox extension which routinely switches an Internet connection diagonally with one or more proxy servers according to URL patterns. Put simply, FoxyProxy automates the manual process of editing connections settings of Mozilla Firefox. Proxy server switching occurs based on the loading URL and the switching rules you define. FoxyProxy is fully compatible with Portable Firefox, has better support for PAC files than Mozilla Firefox itself, and is translated into more than 25 languages.


QuickProxy has a status bar button for turning it on and off with a single click. This switches Mozilla Firefox to the dissimilar proxy states that you picked, which are configured by Mozilla Firefox preferences, and the kind of proxy which you turned on or off is configured by QuickProxy preferences window. This extension will not suggest a proxy server for you. It is designed to do only what it needs to switch between a proxy and a normal connection.


PhZilla acts as a protecting-screener between you and the Internet. The server is able to download the page into its memory, and it displays it for you. It is actually (from the point-of-view of the host) hosting the aimed website, only the server visited. This means only the server’s IP will be logged, and not yours.


SwitchProxy allows you manage and switch between numerous proxy configurations promptly and without any problems. You can also apply it as an anonymizer to guard your personal system from hackers. SwitchProxy is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on which is used to arrange and classify all proxies which you want to work with. With SwitchProxy you can add, edit and delete proxies which you work with from a distinct master list.


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