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Proxy settings in Mozilla® Firefox

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What are proxy settings in Firefox and how can you change them?

Firefox is widely used web browser featuring many aspects that helps the user to have a safe browsing experience. One of the settings in the Firefox is the proxy settings. Every web user of Firefox is given an IP address. This is given for the purpose of the identification. And you may not be knowing that as soon as you open any site, your IP address, and other details regarding your system like Windows, system’s configuration and the Internet service provider can be available to an individual who wants to trace your information. To avoid this, you can access your proxy settings and block outsiders from viewing your system’s detail.

Read further to know more about Firefox proxy settings and how to change them.
  • Firefox proxy settings
  • Changing the proxy settings in Firefox
  • Tips useful for the changes in the proxy settings

Firefox proxy settings

Proxy settings in Firefox enables you to browse the Internet, without any hindrance and interference of any individual who can track your system’s details. For this you have to obtain the Proxy IP address. If you do not know your system’s IP address, you can contact the Proxy service Provider for obtaining your IP address. Or else you can search for the public proxy servers and can obtain an IP address. Make a note of your IP address and the port number. These two numbers are very essential to change the Proxy settings in Forefox. This way you can start browsing the Internet safely. You can even change your state and the country using the proxy settings.

Changing the proxy settings in Firefox

When you are know your system’s IP address, you can go ahead to change the Proxy settings in Firefox. Open the Firefox web browser and check for the ‘Tool’ option. There you will find the ‘Advanced’ icon. If you click on it, you will see two other options ‘Connection’ and ‘Cache’. Click on the ‘Connection’ icon. Here you will find ‘Settings’. As you ‘Settings’, you will be taken to the connection setting page. By default, Proxy is set as the ‘direct connection to the net’. To change the setting, click on the option that shows ’Manual Proxy Connection’. Then enter your IP address and port number in the space that is offered for ‘HTTP proxy’, click OK to go back to the previous page and then click ‘OK’ to complete the process. Now, you can access your net securely.

Tips useful for the changes in the proxy settings

You can follow some tips when you make the changes in the proxy settings in Firefox. Obtaining your IP address is very important, and make sure that you are not giving the IP address to outsiders. Follow the instructions carefully; this will help you to make an easy change in the settings. And after the changes, you would be using the ‘Manual Proxy Connection’, so your details are not shared or traced by anyone on the net. To change the setting to direct connection, turn off the proxy and restart the settings. Now, you can make changes to the proxy setting. This feature in Firefox has enabled many Firefox users to have a safe and secure browsing.

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