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Is your Mozilla® Firefox browser unable to connect?

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Find out how you can connect your Firefox browser

Majority of all computers are connected over the Internet. In order to view web pages on the Internet a web browsing application needs to be installed. Mozilla Firefox is one of the world’s most popular web browsers. Mozilla Firefox is used by millions of users because of its simplicity and user friendly features. Mozilla Firefox not only loads web pages faster than other browsers but is more stable and secure. Some of the features of Mozilla Firefox include private browsing, tabbed browsing, antivirus integration, download resume capabilities, add-on support, personas etc. however, there are some problems that might come up with the use of Mozilla Firefox web browser. These problems include Mozilla Firefox not connecting to Internet issue. The Mozilla Firefox installed on your system might not be connecting to Internet because of many reasons such as malware infections within the system, problems with the network settings, some add-ons installed causing the issue, errors within the network connections used etc.

Following details gives information regarding tips to connect Firefox browser:
  • Scan for malware
  • Change network settings
  • Verify firewall settings

Scan for malware

If your Firefox browser is not connecting then it might be because of malware in the system. Malware cause such problems so that users would not be able to download malware removal tools or get malware removal information from the Internet. Such problems can be solved by removing the malware from the system using a good malware removal tool or an antivirus program.

Change network settings

All Firefox users having browser not connecting issue are advised to check the network settings such as access points, IP addresses etc and make sure they are set properly. Users can also try changing the default DNS server in use to a more reliable one such as Open DNS or Google DNS to solve the issues (as the problem might be errors with the DNS error).

Verify firewall settings

Windows based Operating Systems have a default security feature known as firewall. Firewall filters out the malicious content coming into the system and helps prevent the malware. The Mozilla Firefox not connecting to Internet issue might be because the firewall on the system is preventing the connection between the Mozilla Firefox application and the Internet. Creating an exception for Mozilla Firefox in the firewall would solve such problems.

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