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7 ways to recover missing Mozilla® Firefox icon from the desktop

Firefox Icon Missing
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Erase your worry with handy solutions to recover Mozilla Firefox logo from your desktop


There could be several reasons for the missing Mozilla Firefox icon from your computer. It could be an accidental deletion from your end or a by-product of some cleaning exercise. Although a missing or a broken Mozilla Firefox icon may be a minor thing but it can actually bug you. A broken icon of Mozilla Firefox can be on your taskbar, desktop, or in the Start Menu.


Below we present an exhaustive list of possible solutions that can help you to restore Mozilla Firefox icon back to its place:-


Solution # 1: Reboot your system.


If that doesn’t work, move to Solution # 2.


Solution # 2: Remove the bad icon from the taskbar/dock by taking your mouse cursor over it. Right click your mouse and select the ‘Delete’ option. Then, go to your applications folder where all the Mozilla Firefox files are installed (generally in the ‘C:\Program Files’ path) and start Firefox from there. You can also restore shortcut icon to your Taskbar with the right click.


Solution # 3: Rename the firefox.exe file; unpin/remove the icon from the Taskbar; re-pin; and name it back to firefox.exe.


Solution # 4: If you have Windows 7, then clear the thumbnail cache by running ‘Disk Cleanup’ (type the text ‘cleanmgr.exe’ in Start > Run option) and ticking ‘Thumbnail Cache’.


Solution # 5: Update Mozilla Firefox to its latest version by logging out, logging in (or restarting your system) and then clicking on the option from Start > All Programs. Ensure a clean install of your Mozilla Firefox version.


Solution # 6:

1. Click on Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox. Right click on Mozilla Firefox and click on Properties.

2. On the Shortcut Tab click on Open File Location or ‘Find Target’ button.

3. Right click on the Mozilla Firefox icon and select the option ‘Pin to start menu’ or drag the icon straight to your desktop and create shortcut there.

4. Unpin/remove the existing Mozilla Firefox shortcut from the Taskbar and delete any incorrect Mozilla Firefox icons from your Start menu.

5. Right click on the Firefox icon on your desktop and pin it to your Taskbar, and to your Start menu if you so choose.


Solution # 7: (courtesy Wave of Web)

Close all currently open folders and use ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘ESC’ to launch Task Manager.

In ‘Process’ tab find explorer.exe and right click on it and then select ‘End Process’.

Then click on the ‘End Process’ button on the confirmation window.

Now from Task Manger go to File > New Task (Run…) and type ‘cmd.exe’ and click ‘OK’.

In the command prompt enter below commands one by one


CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local

DEL IconCache.db /a



Then again go to Task Manger > File > New Task (Run…).

Type ‘explorer.exe’ and select ‘OK’.


In case you still are not able to get the icon back, then it’s always good to seek help from qualified professionals. You can also check our video solutions on different issues related to Mozilla Firefox by clicking here.


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