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Ways to turn off Firefox® pop-up blocker

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Importance of turning off pop-up blocker in Firefox®

Pop-ups are small sized windows that appear on webpages. The pop-ups are displayed on websites without the consent of users. Sometimes pop-ups annoy and thus force the user to block pop-ups. Firefox and various other web browsers are provided with the options for blocking pop-ups through a pop-up blocker. By default, the utility is enabled in all the browsers. Since pop-ups are blocked in browsers, webpages are displayed with a notification that says ‘Firefox is prevented this website from opening a pop-up window’. Also, an icon that indicates that the pop-up is blocked on the website also present on the status bar. Sometimes the user wants to disable the pop-up blocker due to certain circumstances.

Below are some points related with Firefox pop-up blocker:
  • Need to turn off the Firefox pop-up blocker
  • Steps to turn off pop-up blocker
  • Points to remember while turning off pop-up blocker

Need to turn off Firefox pop-up blocker

The need of disabling Firefox pop-up blocker arises when the user is interested in using another pop-up blocker software other than Firefox pop-up blocker. So the best practice is to turn off the existing one. Also, pop-up blockers are enabled on the browser and will prevent certain important data from being displayed since the blocker considers them as pop-ups. The prevention of opening links within a web page is an example for the above condition.

Steps to perform the turn off

Pop-up blockers are by default turned on the system. For the process of blocking pop-ups the user needs to follow the steps below. Open the browser window. Then click on the ‘Tools’ option on the top of the page. From the drop down list select the options. Now click on the ‘Content’ icon on the window appeared. Then uncheck the blocked pop-ups on the ‘Browser’ option. Click ‘Ok’ and close the window. Now the pop-up blocker has been disabled.

Point to remember while turning off pop-up

Some websites may allow pop-ups with the help of the uncovered techniques even if the user stops pop-ups. Also, the user should keep in mind that the blocking of pop-ups does not always work. Disabling of pop-up blockers can cause issues with the users like the frequent opening of advertisements on the web pages and under pop-ups. The user can also block pop-ups for certain websites by clicking on the ‘Exceptions’ button while disabling the pop-up blocker.

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