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Learn why Internet Explorer® 8 Toolbar goes missing

internet explorer 8
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What are the reasons behind the disappearance of Internet Explorer 8 Toolbar? How can it be restored?

The IE8 is the latest web browser from Microsoft Corporation. It is designed for the Windows line of Operating Systems. IE 8 comes with many toolbars for carrying out various functions. If you want you can download and install toolbars from other suppliers or websites. You are provided with settings and other options to keep or remove the toolbars installed in your Internet Explorer. At times you may find the toolbar in your Internet Explorer is missing. This may be due to malware programs in your computer, registry issues or you might have not enabled the toolbars.

The issue when Internet Explorer toolbar missing, the possible causes and the tips to fix it are discussed below:
  • Toolbar missing issue
  • Possible causes and the tips to fix
  • Fixing issues with a single tool bard

Toolbar missing issue

You may encounter the Toolbar missing error when you launch the Windows Internet Explorer 8 in your Windows XP OS based computer or in a Windows Vista-based computer. Toolbars are important to access and navigate to various functions in your IE8. The toolbar missing issue will forbid you from using any such options in your IE 8.

Possible causes and the tips to fix

The Toolbar missing issue in your Windows Internet Explorer is mainly caused due to some critical malware issues prevailing in your computer. This may be also due to corruption of your Windows Registry. To fix the issues, you can install a good antivirus program and fix all the malware threats in your computer after updating the program. To fix the issues with your Windows Registry, you can open the Windows Registry editor. For this you can click on ‘Start’ menu, then navigate to the Run Command Prompt and then typing in ‘regedit’ and hit enter. Now you will need to locate the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbarShellBrowser and by the details pane, you can find the ITBarLayout value and you need to right click and delete this value and exit the registry editor.

Fixing issues with a single tool bard

If you find any additional toolbar installed in your Internet Explorer 8 missing, you can click on the Tools menu and navigate to Internet Options. Here you can find the ‘Advanced’ tab and on the ‘Advanced’ tab, you can click on the click Reset option to fix the issue. If the Toolbar missing issue is caused due to that you have not enabled the toolbar, you can enable it. For this you can click on the View option and then navigate to the Toolbars and check in which all tool bar that you need to show.


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