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Learn how to Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer®

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What are the benefits of Protected Mode within Internet Explorer and what are the techniques to disable the Protected Mode in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is a web browser that comes packed with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft Corporation have recently introduced several versions of Internet Explorer with some major improvements such as enhanced security and browsing speed. Internet Explorer is the world’s most used web browser.Internet Explorer offers a number of features including the Protected Mode feature. In household with teen children, there is an ever present terror that they will download a virus infected program. By using the Protected Mode feature in Internet explorer, you can avoid this problem from happening.

The following explains the benefit of Protected Mode within Internet Explorer and the technique to disable it in Internet Explorer:
  • Protected Mode
  • Benefits
  • Tips to disable

Protected Mode

The Protected Mode in Internet Explorer helps to protect a user’s system from malicious threats with highly restricted rights. Protected Mode drastically diminishes the ability of an attack to write, alter or destroy data on the user’s machine or to install malicious code. Protected Mode is enabled for Internet, Intranet and constrained zones while disabled for the believed sites and local machine zone. This mode feature is only available on systems that run Microsoft Windows Vista, or a later version.


The Protected Mode in Internet Explorer allows the administrator to confine privileges for Internet Explorer. This means that only assured actions can be taken by others using Internet Explorer when protected mode is running. This helps to protect the system from viruses and other unwanted downloads. Internet Explorer protected mode also lets the administrator to select various options. You can set-up this feature in your system so that your children cannot download any programs from the web.

Tips to disable

In order to disable the Protected Mode in Internet Explorer, first start the Internet Explorer and navigate to tools on the command bar, then select the Internet options. From the Internet options window, select the security tab. Then uncheck the box inside the ‘Enable protected mode’ found under the security level and click ‘Ok’. Then restart your Internet Explorer to save the changes.


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