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Opera for Windows® 7

Opera Windows 7
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Learn about the features and usability of Opera web browser in Windows 7.

If you are looking for an advanced web browser that is speedy and secure, you may find Opera very useful. Opera web browser is one of the web browsers which is very fast in loading web pages and the speed can be boosted by using Opera Turbo. The new Carakan JavaScript rendering engine and the Vega graphics engine give that extra edge in speed, for Opera. Opera has nice features which match very well with Windows 7. Tab stacking lets you open multiple web pages and navigate easily through them. Opera web browser gives you freedom to customize the browser by managing the buttons and toolbars according to your convenience. If you felt bored of the same browser skin, then you could easily change the layout with the help of Opera User Community. Opera 11, the latest version, can support Web Sockets and server events, and has improved support for HTML5 and CSS3.

The following points discuss the attributes about Opera and its use with Windows 7:

  • Opera 10.51 to Opera 11
  • Opera 11 features
  • Using Opera

Opera 10.51 to Opera 11

The Opera versions from 10.51 to the latest Opera 11 are compatible with Windows 7 and work on 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Other versions compatible with Windows 7 are Opera 10.52, Opera 10.53, Opera 10.54, Opera 10.60, Opera 10.62, Opera 10.63 and Opera 11. You can opt for any of these versions, as, all the above have good running at Windows 7. The Windows 7 features like access to individual tabs, Speed Dial, Bit Torrent run very well in compatible Opera browser versions.

Opera 11 features

There are a lot of additions in Opera 11 version like improved address bar, auto-update, bookmarks bar, extensions, mail panel, lug-in loading, HTML 5  improvements, web sockets support, search predictions, speed improvements, tab stacking, pined tabs, user javascript, and visual mouse gestures. The address filed is now simpler and it can remove the complex long web address. There is option for you to view security information to get security aspect of particular websites.

Using Opera

Opera is one of the fastest web browsers among the various web browsers available today. You must choose any Opera version above 10.51 for the compatibility with your Windows 7 OS. Try to use a single web browser to avoid conflicts with other processes of web browsers. Don’t add any other task bar to Opera unless it is very necessary, to protect your system against adware.

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