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Issue of Safari® Autofill Not Working

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What are the reasons due to which Autofill feature might fail to work on Safari browser and how to fix the problems?

Safari is the web browser created by Apple. This web browser is installed with advanced technology and user-friendly features. Safari web browser is designed to make it suitable for mobile devices as well as with Personal Computers. This web browser is well-suited with Windows Operating system and MAC Operating System. Safari Web browser could support Accessible Rich Internet applications which would make it simple for the users with disability to get the web contents. Safari is installed with the capability to support real time push notifications from server. The HTML 5 offline support could help in the fast accessibility of the web applications that are stored on the system.

Given below are the details about the reasons for Safari Autofill feature not working issue and the ways to solve the issue:
  • Clear the stored values
  • Safari URL Autofill Problem
  • Transfer AutoComplete Settings

Clear the stored Values

Sometimes the programs like Safari web browser with the Autofill feature, often become congested with Autofill values. As a result, the Autofill feature might not perform well with Safari browser. You need to solve this issue by clearing the Autofill values. To do this, you need to access ‘Content Tab’ on the ‘Options’ menu. Then, click on the ‘Clear Forms’ button. Thus, you could clear all saved Autofill values and can create fresh values within the program.

Safari URL Autofill Problem

Another problem related with the Autofill feature in Safari web browser is that this feature works with some websites, but fails to work with others. While using some websites, users might feel that the safari Autofill feature is not working. This issue might arise when website bookmarks get into a clash with the Autofill URL values in Safari web browser. By removing bookmarks and clearing the ‘Autocomplete’ function in the browser options, this issue might get solved.

Transfer AutoComplete Settings

Sometimes, your computer has an AutoComplete that is helpful to locate and automatically fill contacts swiftly. While transitioning to another system or mobile device, users need to transfer their AutoComplete or Autofill values to that system. But sometimes, Autofill values might fail to work after the transferring to another computer. This might be caused due to the error in transferring their data. You could solve the issue by backing up the information and import to the newly installed browser.


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