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What causes the crashing of Safari®?

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Learn about the reasons behind the crashing of Safari in a system. How can the issue be resolved?

Safari web browser is a highly preferred browser for Mac and also iPad, iPod and PC. It is a very fast browser can even do a spell and grammar check. Safari is packed with features that make browsing more efficient and innovative. To give you the complete experience of browsing, it can completely hide itself and keep away any distraction while browsing your favorite sites. But like any complicated software requiring co-ordination from different platforms, versions and conditions both from the PC and the Internet based hardware and software platforms, or network related issues, even Safari can sometimes crash.

Let us discuss the following points on Safari crashing and fixing issues:
  • Have you encountered Safari browser crashing?
  • Possible causes for Safari crashing
  • Tips to fix Safari crashing issues

Have you encountered Safari browser crashing?

Safari browser is acknowledged as a leader in browser spheres for Mac operating systems. Known for its speed, convenience and innovative features, it does have some problems. One of the reported and widely discussed in reviews is the issue of Safari crashing. Safari may crash on start up or in the middle of browsing session. When you look into the deeper causes you may realize that the complicated software designed to work across variety of platforms and operating systems will encounter some conflicting conditions that ultimately result in crashing of Safari. Some of the causes are of course highly involved like registry settings and the conflicts of updates but you can manage to cope up with common causes of Safari crashing.

Possible causes for Safari crashing

The popular Safari is no doubt technologically a superior product with robust coding and it is unlikely that it can crash due to internal bugs. But as Safari has to work in tandem with variety of software and hardware from PC side and the web and Internet side there can be any spot the problem can arise and ultimately cause the Safari to crash. One of the most likely causes on this ground is the presence of various plug ins installed on the Safari that can be the source for the Safari crashing. Others are the poorly written codes of the web pages which can conflict with the Safari browser and cause it to crash.

Tips to fix Safari crashing issues

The simplest way to solve the problem is to uninstall the source of the trouble by noting down which plug-in operation caused it. If it does not help, you can check with similar trial with other plug ins. In case of websites that could be the culprits of making Safari crash by ill-written code, that can make Safari fall in infinite loop, thus give an appearance of the crash, your only choice is to check the website through some other browsers like IE. Some crashes are observed after installing some updates. The solution is, to identify and eliminate the software or plug-in causing it.


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