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Plug-ins for Apple® Safari® in Windows®

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Discuss about the various plug-ins for Apple Safari in Windows Operaing System.

Apple Safari is a web browsing software from Apple with advanced graphics. It is released as a public beta on Apple Mac OS X version. It is the default Internet surfing browser of Apple and the native browser for IOS. Apple Safari is among the popular web browsers in the world. It is ranked fourth among the widely used browser in US. Apple Safari is a plug-in friendly web browser that supports almost all the plug-ins in its Mac OS version. The plug-ins supported by Apple Safari web browser on Windows Operating System are Java, Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, QuickTime and RealTime. The plug-in are mini software added with the host software for enhancing the functionality or performance. Plug-ins are commonly used in web browsers to play video, scan for viruses, and display new file types. Examples are well-known plug-ins include Adobe Flash Player and QuickTime. It customizes the web browser with essential and advanced features for easy surfing of Internet by its users.

Following are the plug-ins available for Apple Safari in Windows Operating System:
  • QuickTime
  • Java
  • Adobe Reader


QuickTime is a multimedia plug-in software from Apple. It is one among the most widely used media players in the world. It is capable for supporting various formats like digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. Apple introduced it for only Mac Operating system but now it is available for both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. QuickTime for Microsoft Windows is downloadable as a standalone installation or bundled with iTunes. It is available free of charge for both Mac OS X and Windows Operating Systems.


There are certain websites accessible only on java-enabled browsers. Java plug-in, a supporting property of Safari web browser makes it easy to surf websites designed in Java. Java is a widely used simple programming language with sun micro systems. It is designed almost exclusively as an object-oriented language. The portability of Java makes it run similarly on any supported hardware or operating-system platform.

Adobe Reader

Adobe reader plug-in makes it possible to read PDF files without downloading. This is a very useful plug-in that allows to read results and lists that are posted in PDF format in your Apple Safari browser. Adobe Reader is renamed as Adobe Acrobat, and is the only free application software from Adobe. This plug-in software is downloadable from Adobe website. It allows viewing, printing and managing files in Portable Document Format. It is widely used as a way to present information with a fixed layout similar to a paper publication.

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