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Browser not Connecting to the Internet

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Are you facing issues while connecting your browser to the Internet? Read on.

A browser is a software application for presenting information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by its URL i.e. Uniform Resource Locater and may be a webpage, image, video or other pieces of content. Hyperlinks are presented in the search carried out by the user which enables him/her to find or to navigate to their related reference material. The browser never connects to the Internet, rather it accesses to the Internet. It is done with the help of Internet connection program, by a Wi-Fi, or a local area network that allows the users to connect to the Internet. As most of us know, browsers are basically used for accessing the World Wide Web and they can also be used for the purpose of getting access to the information offered by the web servers in private networks. Even some browsers can be used for the purpose of saving information resources in file systems.

If you are unable to access the Internet with your browser, the information given in this content can be useful for you:
  • Common issues
  • Other reasons for browser not connecting to the Internet
  • Solutions for the problem

Common issues

If the browser that you are using to access the Internet in your computer is corrupt, then you may face various issues. Corrupt browser files may not allow the browser to connect to the Internet. In addition, you may face difficulties in connecting to the Internet if the DNS cache has not been updated with the latest information.

Other reasons for browser not connecting to the Internet

There are many reasons behind the problem that why your browser do not connect to the Internet. One of the main reasons is the disabling of the acceptance of cookies and the users may not be aware that these are one of the reasons behind the problem. Another reason can be the adapter problem. The cables must be checked and the adapter diagnostic program must be run. It may be a bad adapter, so it is better to replace it. Proxy settings are also one of the major problems which lead the browser for not connecting to the Internet. Even sometimes, computer viruses lead to the problem of browser not connecting to the Internet. If the Internet service provider is facing any problem, like if the server is down, then again it leads the browser not getting connected to the Internet.

Solutions for the problem

There are many solutions available for the user and it depends on the choice of the user that which solution he/she will go for. The first is that the loopback address must be checked as it tells you whether your TCP/IP address is working correctly or not. The network adapter must be verified on your computer. The default gateway must be pinged to see that the computer has communication with the subnet and the local gateway. You can ping your IP address with the local gateway to see that the data is getting forwarded beyond your network. If it gets connected then the problem is solved, otherwise the user at least gets to know that what the problem is and where is it starting from. It must be made sure by the user that the ISP i.e. Internet service provider provides access to the Internet. If this cannot be done, then click the ‘Tools’ option and restore the settings of the default browser.

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