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How to set Internet Explorer 7 as default web browser in Windows Vista

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Internet Explorer 7 sports a number of intriguing features, including enhanced usability, accessibility, privacy, security, and phishing filter. There is no doubt in the fact that browsing the web on Internet Explorer 7 is certainly an overwhelming experience. Impressed with this exclusive invention, but don’t know how to start using it. Don’t worry! We can help you get the best of web on Internet Explorer 7. We can provide step-by-step instructions to set it as your default web browser. If you use Windows Vista-based PC, just follow the below mentioned instructions.

8-steps solution to set Internet Explorer 7 as default web browser in Windows Vista

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer 7.

Step 2: On the top toolbar, select ‘Tools’ and then, select ‘Internet Options’.

Step 3: Click the ‘Programs’ tab.

Step 4: Place a check mark in the ‘Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser’ box.

Step 5: Click on ‘Apply’ and then click on ‘OK’ and close ‘Internet Explorer 7’.

Step 6: Next reopen ‘Internet Explorer 7’, a box will appear asking if you would like to make Internet Explorer your default browser.

Step 7: Select checkbox next to ‘Always perform this check when starting Internet Explorer’.

Step 8: Click on ‘Yes’.

However, if you are still not able to perform the given steps, go through our video solution, which will help you comprehend each step to set Explorer 7 as default web browser in Windows Vista clearly.

In case, if you get stuck anywhere, don’t hesitate to call iYogi certified technicians. Having years of experience, we can provide unparalleled technical assistance to set Internet Explorer 7 as default web browser in Windows Vista and resolve all the related problems. We offer round-the-clock assistance remotely via the Internet.

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