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iYogi Complaint Form

Share your actual consumer experience with iYogi and post your feedbacks/complaints related to iYogi’s services and products by simply filling-up a complaints form. Use this opportunity to register customer service problems or complaints to help us serve you better.

We at iYogi offer you best-in-class services as well as products. We provide you with a complaint submission form where you can post positive as well as negative comments. Your comments will inspire and help us improve our services. We believe in providing the best to our customers. Give us the opportunity to serve you better!

    Ken Nash

    iYogi Complaints: Internet Explorer favorites lost

    Iyogi and I been associated for quite long now… glad to do business with you guys. But recent incident left me wondering why this happened. I signed one years of contract and extended another year at the end of the term.

    Last week I called for a browser problem, my Internet Explorer started acting weird and doing all short of troubleshooting tech asked me to uninstall the New version of IE and reinstall it again. Now the problem is I lost all my favorites link and I forgot to take back up…. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad as my IE is working but my favorite’s links are all gone.

    Though Technician tried everything he could but had I had my favorites link saved things would have been little different.


    iYogi complaints related to system slowdown

    I called up iyogi couple of months back to fix the problem of my system that was performing extremely slowly. An excellent technician resolved the issue without wasting much of my time but the worst part is that after working for a month, my system is back to square one. What is the possible solution not to face such issues again? This is really annoying.

    Silvia Martin

    iYogi complaints: Resolving a slow computer

    My computer was continuously slowing down and I took help from iYogi technical experts; for a while it worked fine but when the problem began to recur I had to resort to iYogi complaints form to get my complaint heard. I still don’t know why my system is behaving the way it is.

    Charles Allen, Miami

    I’ve been a subscriber to iYogi for two years now. Things were going fine but the relationship has become strained of late. Recently my computer became infected by a stubborn virus; I called up iYogi and their experts patched up the issue, but after a while, the problem recurred. Now, why would this happen?

    Peter Falk, St. Louis

    My cousin took on a subscription of iYogi as he was facing a lot of problems on his favorite computer. One day his screen went blank; he called up a technician who tried to resolve the issue; it seemed taken care of for the moment but after a while his system blanked out completely. He immediately shot off a missive to iYogi complaints about the level of service he was facing.

    Natalie Allen

    iYogi Complaints: Slow computer

    I called your helpline number as my system was functioning too slow, and I was not able to understand its reason, therefore, I called the iYogi techies for help. They guided me initially and even took the remote access of my system. They rectified the concerned error and my PC acted totally fine at that moment. But as I switched on the system next morning, the same problem occurred. I called the techies again but they misguided me further which destroyed the antivirus program on my system also. I am really furious with you gies.

    Ivy Mullen, Miami

    Whenever I face any kind of problem with my system, iYogi is the first name which comes to my mind, which provides me the best tech support. I have had my earlier computer issues solved quite easily as well as smoothly by the tech gies of iYogi. But yesterday I thought of calling the general toll number provided by iYogi for some problem related to my PC. I was so disturbed by the fact that there was not a good response from them, even after keeping me on hold for so long.

    Alexandra Douglas, Philippines

    iYogi has been great with respect to their services. Being an iYogi subscriber I can surely say this. Recently I lost the support doc of my system and asked iYogi to call me back regarding the same. They immediately assisted me with a toll free number and attended me as soon as I called them up. The technician was very efficient and generous. Another appreciation goes for iYogi Complaints form that acts as the perfect medium for the consumer like me to bring our issues and problems in light. iYogi Complaints form is the best way to reach out to us.

    Charlie Montana, Ontario

    iYogi has always been in my good books. I had a printer issue with my system, So, I called iYogi for help. Initially, the techie directed me spontaneously and a very good manner to rectify the issue but he was also stuck up at a certain point. He asked me to hold as he was connecting me to some senior. For 20 minutes I was on hold, and thereafter I received a response from your side. It had been great if the call was wrapped in much less time as it took. I hope it can surely be rectified further. But at the end, the services were great and I am totally content with them. No doubt, iYogi still tops my list of best tech support firm. I think mentioning my issue at iYogi Complaints form will surely help me further with the concerned issue.


    I have been subscribing iYogi services for the past couple of years now and have some very pleasant memories with them. For one, they are one of the best tech support providers out there and know their responsibilities very well. The technicians at the company are well equipped and are proficient in their work, as I found out soon after I started taking their services. What works for them is that they have a proper structure in place for resolving customer issues. Say for e.g., if you are using a Dell computer and face issues with it, what the technicians will do is route you to experts who specialize in Dell products. It is common knowledge that each product is different from the other and demands specialized handling. Thus you get better solutions to your computer. Apart from that, the wait time is what many customers are wary off, but let me tell you that iYogi is available round the clock, as it claims, and looks to it that no customer is left waiting for his/her problem to get resolved. I am telling all these from my personal experience as I wanted to share my appreciation of the company. But there is also another reason that of iYogi launching the iYogi complaints form. Now this is a very important step taken by the company to address customer complaints. You, me, or for that matter any customer of the company can register a complaint in case he/she is not satisfied with the company’s services. That is what we call customer empowerment!!


    Wow…that was the first instantaneous reaction that came out of my mouth when I discovered that iYogi has launched the iYogi complaints form. There is reason to feel excited, as it shows where we, the customers, stand in the context of the company. I have always thought that iYogi is amongst the best companies in the world for the kind and quality of services it has been providing to customers across the world. Personally, I have little or no complaints against iYogi for every time I had called them, they were polite listening to my queries with great patience and resolving them with great skill. It is difficult to believe that the company has been around for just about half a decade, and has achieved so much during this short period. I still fondly remember the day when a friend of mine advised me that I will be well off taking remote tech support from this budding company, it at time was still growing at a fast rate. And the association that started with iYogi is only getting stronger with each passing day. The thing that I have observed about iYogi is that it is one of those rare breeds that believe in the philosophy of providing quality services to its customers at any cost. This thought, not to compromise on quality, has led them to hire some of the best men in the business to work for them. I have seen many of my friends who are availing tech support from other companies complaining about so many things that I feel sorry for them at times, and also realize how lucky I am that I have iYogi. Actually, I am starting to wonder whether I will ever get a chance to register any complaints against my service provider!


    So, the iyogi complaints form is open for customers now? Good job done. This is a more practical way of doing things and will hopefully speed up the process of issue resolution. In addition, it should also encourage customers to share their experiences and put their grievances in front of the company. I am hopeful that iyogi will address them and keep up its immaculate record.


    Some months back I had an issue with my router. The connection was getting slower by the day and then it would also suddenly get locked out for no visible reason. I had tried local technicians before with mixed luck, and so decided to take a chance with iyogi. As it has turned out it was one wise decision I made. I now have extended my initial short-time plan to an annual plan. Why not, they are dedicated to customer problems and can be reached 24/7. Now we also have the iyogi complaints form. I am a happy customer of a responsible and capable company.

    Walter Michael, Mokena

    The iyogi complaints form can be a very effective way to help build strong customer-company relationship. Iyogi has achieved much with its brand of uncompromised services, but the complaints form will help it scale even greater heights and earn the respect of customers, which I believe what good companies should strive for.

    Bill Webb

    The support dock is a great piece of software that keeps my system running smoothly helping me maintain an uninterrupted workflow. So, when it was down the last time around I was anxious to get it fixed without delay. As I was hearing so good things about the iyogi complaints form, I decided it is worth a try. And it did work perfectly!

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