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HTML5 Video Support Rises to 74% on Browsers

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The technology world is moving speedily and so as the web browser developers. According to a recent study conducted by Longtail Video, the company behind the popular JW Player, roughly 74% of browsers now support HTML5 video. The figure was around 66% in January 2012. It is a welcome move as more and more browser developers have started accepting and supporting the upcoming open standards.

HTML5 Video Support Rises to 74% on Browsers

The report notifies that most of the browsers today support around 90% of HTML5 video tag attributes. HTML5 video is now common in Android and iOS platforms. Desktop browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 also support the HTML5 video. But, the previous Internet Explorer versions will never support the latest standard.

But, presently, only 50% of the browsers support full-screen playback functionality. Another problem with the HTML5 video is that there is no single standard for audio/video formats, and different browsers are supporting different standards. All-in-all, it will not be that easy for HTML5 video to overtake Flash completely on desktop computers and it may even take a number of years to do so.

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