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Save Screen Space with ‘Thin Scroll Bar’

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Thin Scroll Bar is a Google Chrome Extension that decreases the width and design of the scroll bar, so that the screen space is slightly increased. It also gives a new look to your screen, as it is more stylish than a normal scroll bar. It is very thin, and is located at the side or bottom of your screen. But it is visible enough to show you your position on the web page.

If you are running Internet on a small window, or if you have a small computer screen, then this extension will prove to be highly beneficial for you. In this day and age, more and more users prefer to use tablet PCs and netbooks, which usually come with smaller screens. A thinner scroll bar can give them slightly increased space for displaying website content.

A few extra pixels can sometimes mean not scrolling horizontally or vertically at all. Therefore, even if you are using a large screen monitor, this extension can be extremely handy. To add to this, it gives a unique and elegant look to your webpage.

Version 1.1 of Thin Scroll Bar was released in May 2011, and within a couple of months, it received over 9000 downloads and 4.64/5 stars rating. It is absolutely FREE to download. Moreover, you don’t need to download any set-up file as the scroll bar gets downloaded directly from the website.

To download Thin Scroll bar on your Google Chrome Browser, you need to click here.

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