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Yahoo!® Axis – Rip through the Web!

Yahoo! Axis

Axis, the new search browser by Yahoo!, has revolutionized the way we search on a search engine like Google.


Why roam, go direct

The browser has enabled users to directly visit the search page instead of diving in the heap of links and then going to the appropriate page. According to Yahoo!, “It combines searching and browsing into one experience.” This brings instant answers to all our search queries.


Search visually

More importantly, Axis by Yahoo! provides a visual preview of the sites you need. So, as you type, you get visual search results instantly. It’s almost like interacting with your results and what you are looking for.


Inter-device connectivity

The other breakthrough feature is that the Axis browser connects your experiences on your iPhone, iPad, and computer. Wherever you left your search on one device, the Axis browser continues your search on some other device. The browser remembers the last page you found on all of your devices.


Stays like a true friend

Having Axis browser in your device is like a soul in a body. The browser stays with you as you browse the web at the bottom of the screen. It also provides one personal home page to personalize what you want, wherever you go.


You can download Axis browser plugin for your favorite browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.


Click the “Get it Now DESKTOP” button to install the Axis plugin in your browser and enjoy visual searching.



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